The Astrologer

I am an astrologer and intuitive. My relationship with astrology began in childhood when the stars, planets, and zodiac signs fascinated me. I had vivid memories of sitting outside at night, admiring the stars and letting their immensity consume me. From that time forward, I have understood that our lives are intimately connected to the Universe and its energy via the planets and constellations.


In my teenage years, I began to study astrology as the science that it is and began to further understand the correlation between the astrological Universal and the physical world. I have a passion for astrology for the gift that it has given me to inspire, motivate, and “flip the mindset” for the individuals that connect with me via this blessing.

The Woman

Neudy Carolina (Capr1Luv) is an astrologer who began doing astrological readings 12 years ago for friends and loved ones as a hobby. For her, astrology is a realm into the spiritual world and a connection to her ancestors, specifically both of her grandmothers- Estela and Yolanda.


Neudy Carolina understands that her astrology is a gift that allows her to bless her clients with a transformative and growth experience conducive to the achievement and success of their goals.

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