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The Astrologer

I am an astrologer and intuitive. My relationship with astrology began in childhood when the stars, planets, and zodiac signs fascinated me. I had vivid memories of sitting outside at night, admiring the stars and letting their immensity consume me. From that time forward, I have understood that our lives are intimately connected to the Universe and its energy via the planets and constellations.


In my teenage years, I began to study astrology as the science that it is and began to further understand the correlation between the astrological Universal and the physical world. I have a passion for astrology for the gift that it has given me to inspire, motivate, and “flip the mindset” for the individuals that connect with me via this blessing.

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The Woman

Neudy Carolina (Capr1Luv) is an astrologer who began doing astrological readings 12 years ago for friends and loved ones as a hobby. For her, astrology is a realm into the spiritual world and a connection to her ancestors, specifically both of her grandmothers- Estela and Yolanda.


Neudy Carolina understands that her astrology is a gift that allows her to bless her clients with a transformative and growth experience conducive to the achievement and success of their goals.

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