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What is Astrology?

Astrology is dated to centuries before the modern world. It is understood to be a medium of divine communication between the celestial bodies and the physical world. Astrology allows us to understand our personality attributes, emotional reactions, understand of ourselves, others and our world. Most importantly, astrology offers us insight to understand, prepare for and make meaning of fated or predicted life path.

Astrological Readings

An astrological reading or “birth chart” reading is an experience in which the astrologer interprets the celestial positions in a “native”/client’s chart. The celestial positions are expansive and include the position of planets and constellations in twelve different aspects of the “native”/client’s life. A reading will provide significant detail on the “native”/client’s sun sign, moon sign and ascendant or rising sign. Additionally, the reading will highlight planetary and constellation influences with emphasis on the “native”/client’s love life, finances, career, health and spirituality.

What can I expect from a Reading?

By obtaining a reading, you will receive insight and perspective on aspects of your life and significant life events that have shaped your relationships with others, approach to your career and life goals, and intuition on your journey. A short-scope reading is 30 minutes and will focus on the connection that exists between your sun, moon and rising sign. A comprehensive reading is about 1.5 hours and will thoroughly explain each of the planets’ influence on the twelve aspects of your life and will provide you a sense of understanding and depth to the decisions and actions to take to achieve your goals and dreams. The reading often affirms your intuition about the dreams living in your heart that you were born to realize!

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