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“I highly recommend doing a reading…it helped me better understand myself, how I can improve and what strengths to focus on.”

- J.P-H, Taurus

“The reading was insightful and it validated much of my life experiences while helping me to make sense of others.”

- R.R., Gemini

“My reading with Capr1Luv was moving, intimate and a cathartic experience that revealed greater truths about not only myself but how I interact with the world.”

- Z.H., Cancer

“My reading was spot on…I knew my sun sign but didn’t understand how much other placements influenced different areas of my life.”

- S.T., Libra

“Wow! My reading was exactly what I was hoping for. Capr1Luv is truly gifted and was able to explain it all in such a way, I felt like I was talking with a good friend…thank you for helping me understand how it all works together and what I need to work on to ensure my success!”

- T.G., Sagittarius

“I appreciate Capr1Luv’s authenticity in her practice and the ways she communicated the connection between my moon, sun, and rising signs.”

- M.R., Gemini

"After not knowing what to expect, I was blown away by her gifted reading enhanced my knowledge of self and prepared me for the unknown, allowing me to step into my destiny."

- M.s., Capricorn

"My reading was a transformative experience that provided me with clarity and confirmation to questions regarding my life and my future."

- M.T., Sagittarius

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