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12-Month Personalized Astrology Calendar & Planner

12-Month Personalized Astrology Calendar & Planner


This is a 12-month personalized astrology calendar and monthly planner. You can choose what month/year your calendar begins on. 


Personalized Planner Includes:

  • Visual of personal astrology chart
  • Details on astrology houses based on personal astrology chart
  • Sun, Moon and Rising Sign Insights
  • 2021 New Moon and Full Moon Dates
  • Monthly New Moon Affirmations and Full Moon Intentions
  • 2021 Planetary Transits and short-scopes based on personal astrology
  • Explanation of astrology houses


Moon Sign and Planetary Reading Includes:

  • Overview of Sun, Moon and Rising sign
  • Understanding of moon sign based on individual’s personal astrology chart
  • Explanation of moon sign impact on relationship with self and others
  • Insights of 2021 planetary transits impact on astrology houses and individual’s life
  • Review of 2021 New Moon and Full Moon Dates
  • Moon Magic Dates and Ideas for Love, Money, and Career Manifestations
  • Intuitive oracle cards
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